Simulated Stone Pavers

Stone Library offers Simulated Stone in a variety of sizes ranging from driveway to flagstone blocks.

Upon understanding your desired application and project timeline we will suggest and cost specific sizes and patterns.

Ideally we look at consider the entire project in order to be competitive with out total offering, whilst at the same time ensuring quality.

Simulated Stone offers a wide range of colours and textures to achieve vibrant designs for luxury private homes to office parks. All colours are consistent and comply with specifications ensuring long term stability however batches may vary over time.


Generally 10m2 per palette / if not packed loose

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Wet cast pavers and courtyard flagstone range:

Wet cast pavers are in general more upmarket than dry brick or other pavers. Implementing Simulated Stone increases property values and Simulated Stone pavers are very versatile, as you can combine this with landscaping and garden products as well as pool tiles to match all the paving in and around the property.

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