Madikwe / Rich Autumn Cladding

Standard Sizes (mm):

Slate cladding with cut face on one edge



Building stone
– face value average 30-80mm thick and 60-80mm from wall
–  face value average 20-40mm thick and 40-60mm from wall

Stone Library Madikwe Drypack / Stripwalling (also known as Rich Autumn Boggem)
Much of the final look is dependent on the stone mason / installation.


10-15m2 crates
NOTE: This product is sold as dry m2 level each level in crate equals a dry 1m2 level


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Advantages of  Stone Library natural stone : 

  • Natural Stone is timeless and unique in appearance

  • Design capabilities of through-body colour material vs surface only colour/texture

  • Could be re-polished / rejuvenated